Figure out your personal style, love the way you look, & learn how to organize your closet. You can look good in the clothing you already own!

Learn how to dress for you, so that you always feel beautiful and comfortable

  • Create Your Style Manifesto

    Learn who you are what your true style is by creating a Style Manifesto and identifying who your Style Icon is so you know exactly what to purge, what to keep, and what to shop for.

  • Get Permission & Accountability

    You need permission to look and feel your best sometimes. As your stylist and mentor, you'll get the permission you might need to take your look and wardrobe to the next level.

  • Love Your Style & Wardobe

    You'll learn to love your style and wardrobe and find exactly what works for you and what doesn't. You have the confidence you need to take your style to the next level!

Simple Style Course

5 weeks to totally transform your style and wardrobe

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module One - Laying The Foundation
    • Are you ready to rumble?!
    • Setting Your Intentions
    • The 5 causes and myths of not having anything to wear
    • The difference between style and fashion
    • How to define your personal style: Creating your style manifesto
    • Fun Home work!
  • 2
    Module Two - Style Rules, Fabric, and Body Type
    • Old style rules, old style stories
    • How important is fabric?
    • How to dress for your unique body
    • Pear or Triangle Body Type
    • Hourglass body shape
    • Apple body type
    • Rectangle body type
    • Pregnancy body type
  • 3
    Module Three - Editing & Organizing
    • Intro to Editing & Organizing
    • Complete Closet Clean Out Guide
    • Step One - Editing & Organizing
    • Step Two - Arrangement & Simplifying
  • 4
    Module Four - Shopping & Studying The Form
    • Intro To Shopping & Studying The Form
    • Where to shop
    • ​​How to shop
    • Be wary of trends
    • Investigate, research, and collect
    • Studying the form
  • 5
    Module Five - Building Confidence Through Action & Belief
    • Building Confidence Through A Healthy Self-Image
    • Simple Make-Up Routine
    • Suggested Capsule Wardrobe
    • Building Confidence Through Action

You deserve to have simple, beautiful style.

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In this course you will:

  • Figure out your personal style Create your own and create your Style Manifesto

  • Dress for your size and shape. Discover specific brands for curvy girls. Learn about ethical, affordable, high-quality brands for every body type and age

  • Learn how to dress stylishly for pregnancy and in-between sizes

  • Get a handle on the closet clutter and learn how to purge, edit and organize your closet in a weekend

  • Learn how to have a healthy body image by understanding how the fashion industry isn’t made for you

By the end of this course you'll walk away with confidence

Learn how to have a healthy body image by understanding how the fashion industry isn’t made for you

Learn how to look good in the clothing you already own by understanding styling basics. 

Have a totally transformed closet and mindset about how to organize that you’ll carry with you throughout your life.

You'll walk away with total clarity about what looks good on you

Build confidence in who you are right now and get direct advice about what to purge from your closet. 

Know what to shop for, where to shop for it, and what to avoid at all costs.  Develop the foundation of simple, classic, comfortable, and sustainable style that will last you through any season and age in life!

Are you ready to love the way you look?

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