Is looking at your closet making you frustrated?

Do you want to feel confident and look good in the clothes you already have by dressing for your unique shape and style?

What if I told you there was a way to simplify the entire process of looking good in the clothes you already own, by defining your unique style and learning how to dress for your body?

There is a way - and I'm going to teach you how.

It’s time to simplify your style.

I’m going to teach you how to look good, but more importantly how to actually feel good about who you are by embracing your so-called flaws and even highlighting them to take your style from blah - to ultra confident.

You can wear clothes and feel good about your body. You can have a closet that is well-organized and that makes you excited to get dressed in the morning.

Simple Style Is A 5-Week Online Style Course

Learn how to love your style & wardrobe in 5 short weeks!

  • Lesson One - Figure Out Your Personal Style

    Learn who you are what your true style is by creating a Style Manifesto and identifying who your Style Icon is so you know exactly what to purge, what to keep, and what to shop for.

  • Lesson Two - Edit, Purge, Organize & Make Money From Your Closet

    Once you've created your personal style manifesto you will purge, edit & organize your closet like a pro so can have an easy time getting dressed in the morning.

  • Lesson Three - Dress For Your Unique Body, Shape & Color

    You'll learn to love your style and feel good in the clothes you already own by dressing for your unique body type, shape & color.

  • Lesson Four - Learn Where & How To Shop For Affordable Ethical Clothing

    You'll learn how to slowly build out your wardrobe with essentials from affordable, comfortable, stylish, and ethical sources.

  • Lesson Five - Build Confidence From The Inside Out So You Can Feel & Look Good

    Confidence is an inside job! I will teach you the secrets to building confidence and help you avoid making common mistakes that wreck confidence.

Confident style is simple.

Let me show you how.

Hi there!

I'm Bri, a Personal Style Expert & Wardrobe Consultant.

I'm truly honored to have you here!

Style is something we can't avoid. We have to wear clothes every day. So we may as well show up in the world looking and feeling as good as we possibly can!

I've helped literally hundreds of women love the way they look and have styled women between the ages of 5 all the way to 92! I know what women struggle with (I'm a woman too) and I know what works!

For years, I struggled to like myself and love the way that I look - not only have I learned how to care for myself in a non-selfish way, it's my passion to help others learn to do the same!




  • When does the course start?

    The first week of June 2019.

  • Do I have to buy a new wardrobe?

    No! You don't have to buy anything at all or you can shop during the course to get my feedback on purchases. The group is a great place to run potential purchases by.

  • I'm pregnant. Can I still join the course?

    Yes! We have had pregnant moms, new moms, and single ladies in the course. There are resources for learning your style that apply to pregnancy as well. Plus some very hip and stylish resources for pregnancy fashion.

  • I'm in between sizes. I feel like I should wait to sign up.

    That's great! Any stage of life is welcome. This course would be especially great for you because you can learn how to create a transitional wardrobe that you feel great in on a budget! Plus when you are ready to let go of the clothes that are no longer your size, you'll have learned how to turn them into cash!

  • Do I need Facebook to join the course?

    Yes and no. You don't have to have real Facebook account to join in the course. Current students have created fake accounts with high-privacy to keep themselves annoynymous throughout the course. A good percent of the connection and interaction with me will happen in Facebook, so I highly recommend you have at least a fake account to join.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! As long as the course is running - which will be until the internet goes away - you will have access to this course! Even as the course continues to grow and the content gets better - you will be "grandfathered" in. You're making an investment in your future that you can return to again and again.

  • I'm afraid I'll be the oldest person in the group.

    Don't worry! We have women in the group from their 20's into their late 50's and early 60's. Every age is welcome! Please join in! You will be much loved and appreciated.

You deserve to have simple, beautiful style.

Sign up now!

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In this course you will:

  • Figure out your personal style & create your own Style Manifesto

  • Dress for your size and shape, discover specific brands for curvy girls, learn about ethical, affordable, high-quality brands for every body type and age

  • Learn how to dress stylishly for pregnancy and in-between sizes

  • Get a handle on the closet clutter & learn how to purge, edit, organize & make money from your closet

  • Learn how to have a healthy body image by understanding how the fashion industry isn’t made for you

What others are saying


I feel a lot better about my wardrobe now. The pressure of needing to buy into a trend or two each year is GONE! finding style icons, accepting that I'm a pear, and realizing that I don't have to wear the latest styles in order to be stylish!


Biggest wins have been: defining what exactly my style is. Learning to shop smart by buying clothes for what I actually need and investing in pieces that will last!


My closet was the #1 most important transformation I had from working with Bri.

As the fall comes around and as my kids get more involved in activities again, I'll be getting ready more quickly and confidently since my closet is in order and I can see everything. Putting away clothes is super fast now, and I appreciate that. 

I can style when I go out much more confidently now.

The closet edit was something I doubt I'd get from many other courses.


Basically, I had no style before Bri stepped in. I was thoughtless, inconsistent, and sloppy in how I dressed. Now I'm mindful of fabric, fashion & fit. I'm developing my own style and growing confidence in how I look.

The #1 most valuable transformation I had was learning how to dress appropriately for my body type. I watched the pear shape video 10 plus times! Knowing more about styling has given me the confidence to let go of lots of unflattering clothes.


Before working with Bri my style was all over the place! I wasn't sure how to even begin defining my style. Working with Bri taught me how to make adjustments to suit ME, who I am, and what I like. I will spread the word!


Your course has made me a changed woman. Honestly, I do feel different. By letting a lot of the clothes I don’t love I’m respecting my husband and marriage a little more too. I have a few sentimental clothing pieces that I’m holding on to (that I might not wear), but now he doesn’t have to help me figure out where to put it all. I think we can both breathe easier.


I have new go-to outfits after going through the course that actually fit my pregnant belly! The closet organization was huge for me! I have never had such an easy time of getting dressed in the morning. Also, the body type/style manifesto stuff was fantastic, especially as I’m usually an athletic type, but during pregnancy am more of a pregnant pear. That knowledge has helped so much with finding clothes that I like AND look good on me!


For most of my life, I believed that having style meant that you’d inherited a mysterious “style gene.” 

So, when I heard about Simple Style this past spring, I jumped at the opportunity. What I ended up gaining from the course was more far-reaching, meaningful, and delightful than I expected.  Not only did Bri demystify the elusive “style gene” (Hint: there ISN’T one!!), she also helped me to name my specific style, choose more sustainable clothing, organize and curate what I already owned, and make intentional decisions about purchases rather than getting swept up by the trends of the fashion industry.

Are you ready to love the way you look?

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